Shower Gutter

Shower Gutter

A linear shower gutter is an ideal solution for a modern bathroom. It is intended for draining water from shower cubicles and open shower spaces.

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Model No.:Style 5
Material:Stainless Steel 304
Length:500mm-1200mm, can be customized upon request.
Included Componentslinear drain, hair strainer, lifting hook, adjustable feet, installation manual

Cover Plate thickness: 1.5mm

Shower drain body thickness: 1.2mm



  1. Shower drain is using the highest standard of AISI 304 stainless steel and thickened the brushed nickel panel. Besides, the linear drain is made of a special production process to anti-corrosion and anti-rust effectively.
  2. Easy cleaning. After using for a period of time, open the panel of linear shower drain and take the filter mesh out. Washing the filter mesh with water.
  3. High displacement.  According to the engineering mechanics improved X-shaped Diversion Groove, it can be achieved high displacement with an average of 60 l/min (without filter mesh). It can remove the residual moisture at the bottom effectively.

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