Shower Drain Tile Insert

Shower Drain Tile Insert

The shower drain tile insert, also known as a tile-in grate or invisible drain, offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for modern bathroom designs.

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Model No.:Style 1
Material:Stainless Steel 304
Length:500mm-1200mm, can be customized upon request.
Water throughput:60l / minute

Cover Plate thickness: 1.5mm

Shower drain body thickness: 1.2mm

Q: What is the advantage of shower drain tile insert?

A:Here are the main advantages of using a shower drain tile insert:

Aesthetics: One of the most significant advantages of a shower drain tile insert is its sleek and minimalist appearance. Unlike traditional center drains or visible grates, the tile insert allows the tiles in the shower floor to flow seamlessly into the drain, creating a clean and uninterrupted look. This enhances the overall aesthetics of the shower space, making it appear more spacious and stylish.

Easy Tile Integration: With a tile insert, the shower floor can be designed with the same tiles used throughout the bathroom. The insert is essentially a tile-ready frame that allows for direct tile placement, making it easier to match the drain area with the rest of the shower floor. This design flexibility allows for creative tile patterns and a cohesive look.

Improved Water Drainage: The tile insert design provides an efficient water drainage system. The large surface area of the grate allows water to flow quickly into the drain, reducing the risk of water pooling and minimizing the chances of slips and falls in the shower.

Accessibility: Shower drain tile inserts are often installed flush with the floor surface, making them more accessible for people with mobility challenges. There are no barriers or lips to step over, creating a safer and more user-friendly shower environment.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning a shower drain tile insert is relatively straightforward. The grate or tile insert can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance, and the tile surface can be cleaned in the same way as the rest of the shower floor.

Durability: They are made from stainless steel 304, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Versatility: They are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing homeowners to choose a style that complements their bathroom decor and preferences.

Cost-Effective: While the initial cost of a tile insert may be slightly higher than a traditional center drain, the long-term benefits and aesthetics it offers often make it a cost-effective choice.

Overall, the shower drain tile insert combines functionality with an appealing appearance, providing a practical and visually pleasing solution for modern shower installations.



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