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Beller Hardware dedicates to design, manufacture and export glass hardware. Our main products are shower stabilizing bar, shower hinge and door handle, which are produced to meet all industry standards to ensure its excellent finishes, outstanding quality and durability.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. With 10 years experience, Beller hardware now is recognized as the leader and superior supplier of “quality products”, ”competitive prices”, “in time delivery” and “reliable service”. We will keep working on creating close business relationships to cover all customer needs and request.

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Featured products


  • Shower Screen Wall Profile

    Beller Hardware offer high quality shower profile shower enclosures, with surface finish of polished, anodized, matt black and golden.

  • Shower Drain Tile Insert

    The shower drain tile insert, also known as a tile-in grate or invisible drain, offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for modern bathroom designs.

  • Linear Shower Drain

    Linear shower drains come in various lengths and styles, allowing for customization to fit the specific dimensions and design preferences of the shower.

  • Shower Door Gutter

    A variety of cover panels and size-selectable linear shower door gutters with the combination of aesthetics can be maximized the overall performance advantages of high displacement, easy to clean and anti-clogging.

  • Gutter shower Drain

    Linear shower gutters, also known as linear shower drains or trench shower drains, are modern and stylish alternatives to traditional center drains in shower installations.

  • Shower Gutter

    A linear shower gutter is an ideal solution for a modern bathroom. It is intended for draining water from shower cubicles and open shower spaces.

  • Shower Door Knob

    A simple and stylish design that works perfectly for shower screen doors. This double-sided shower door knob is available in different sizes and finish.

  • Shower Glass Support Arm