Linear Shower Drain

Linear Shower Drain

Linear shower drains come in various lengths and styles, allowing for customization to fit the specific dimensions and design preferences of the shower.

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Model No.:Style 2
Material:Stainless Steel 304
Length:500mm-1200mm, can be customized upon request.
Water throughput:60l / minute

Cover Plate thickness: 1.5mm

Shower drain body thickness: 1.2mm


1.What is a linear shower drain?

A linear shower drain, also known as a trench shower drain or linear shower gutter, is a type of plumbing fixture used in modern bathroom designs to efficiently drain water from the shower area. It is an alternative to traditional center drains commonly found in shower installations.

The main characteristic of a linear shower drain is its long and narrow shape, resembling a trench or gutter. It is typically installed along one or more walls of the shower floor, usually near the shower entrance or opposite the showerhead. The drain is positioned to slope slightly towards the drain opening, ensuring effective water drainage.

2.What is the different between linear shower drain and point drain?

  • Aesthetics: Linear shower drains offer a sleek and modern look that complements contemporary bathroom designs, while point drains are more common in traditional shower designs.
  • Water Drainage Efficiency: Linear shower drains tend to be more efficient at draining water from the shower area because of their larger surface area, reducing the risk of water pooling. Point drains can also be effective when the shower floor is properly sloped toward the central drain.
  • Accessibility: Linear shower drains generally have a low-profile or flush-to-floor design, making them more accessible for people with mobility challenges. Point drains may present a slight barrier or step around the central drain.

Both types of drains have their advantages, and the choice between a linear shower drain and a point drain depends on factors such as the shower design, aesthetic preferences, and practical considerations. It’s essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the bathroom space when selecting the appropriate drain system.

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