Shower Door Gutter

Shower Door Gutter

A variety of cover panels and size-selectable linear shower door gutters with the combination of aesthetics can be maximized the overall performance advantages of high displacement, easy to clean and anti-clogging.

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Model No.:Style 3
Material:Stainless Steel 304
Length:500mm-1200mm, can be customized upon request.
Included Componentslinear drain, hair strainer, lifting hook, adjustable feet, installation manual

Cover Plate thickness: 1.5mm

Shower drain body thickness: 1.2mm



    1. Versatility: These drains can be used in both large and small showers and are suitable for various types of tiles and floor materials.
    2. Accessibility: Shower door gutters often have a low-profile or flush-to-floor design, making them more accessible for people with mobility challenges, as there are no barriers to step over.
    3. Easy to Clean: Cleaning linear shower gutters is generally more straightforward than traditional center drains. They often have removable grates or strainers, which can be easily taken out for cleaning and maintenance.
    4. Installation: Installing linear shower gutters typically involves cutting a narrow trench into the shower floor and placing the drain within it. Proper sloping and waterproofing are crucial to ensure efficient water drainage and prevent leaks.

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