Gutter shower Drain

Gutter shower Drain

Linear shower gutters, also known as linear shower drains or trench shower drains, are modern and stylish alternatives to traditional center drains in shower installations.

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Model No.:Style 4
Material:Stainless Steel 304
Length:500mm-1200mm, can be customized upon request.
Included Componentslinear drain, hair strainer, lifting hook, adjustable feet, installation manual

Cover Plate thickness: 1.5mm

Shower drain body thickness: 1.2mm



    1. Shape and Design: Linear shower gutters are long and narrow in shape, resembling a trench. They are designed to be installed along one or more walls of the shower area, near the shower entrance or opposite the showerhead.
    2. Aesthetics: The main advantage of linear shower gutters is their sleek and minimalistic appearance. They can seamlessly blend with various bathroom designs and tiles, creating a cleaner and more elegant look compared to traditional center drains.
    3. Water Drainage: Linear shower gutters are highly efficient in draining water from the shower area. Their long and narrow design allows them to collect water over a larger surface area, which helps prevent water pooling and potential water damage.

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